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> Hello,
> I have extracted protein for 1-D electrophoresis in plant tissue and 
> have had no problems in the past. However, recently (in seed tissue) I 
> have had severe streaking throughout the entire gels (not just in the 
> lanes) following staining, making detection of bands impossible. I asked 
> several co-workers who believe it may be polysaccharides in the sample 
> buffer. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to fix this problem? It 
> would be appreciated.
> Thanks

I would agree on the polysaccaride theory. If you´re working with the
membrane fraction, make a centrifugation an resuspend only the top of the
pellet leaving the whitish lower pellet. Sometimes you have to repeat this
washing step. It helps if you use the second step a small bore tube. If
you are working with the soluble fraction just make a high speed
centrifugation, that should do it.
Hope that helps


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