protein-protein interactions

Wed Jul 23 10:41:12 EST 1997

Stefan G. Sarafianos wrote:
> Hi,
> Anybody has any references or any info about techniques for detecting
> protein-protein interactions with colorimetric or fluoresence techniqes?
> I f the method could be applied for interactions of the protein
> with itself -polymerization- that would be great.
> Thank you for your time,
> Stefan G. Sarafianos
> post-doc
> Center for Advanced Biothechnology and Medicine
> Rutgers university/UMDNJ
> Oiscataway, USA

You can use fluorescence techniques to study protein-protein
interactions. If your protein contains tryptophan residues it
is possible to observe a shift in the emission maximum of
Trp residues if protein-protein interaction occurs. Excitation
wavelength should be around 280nm for Trp - the
emission maximum can be observed between 308-350 nm.
Another technique to study protein "aggregation" are fluorescence
anisotropy measurements. 

Best regards
	Andreas Gießauf, Post-Doc

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