How to show that the proteins are really labeled?

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Wed Jul 30 18:19:44 EST 1997

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> The phenol can be removed by extraction with diethyl ether (2 times twice 
> the volume of your sample). This will leave proteins in the small amount 
> of water which was dissolved in the phenol.

Thanks for the reply.  Yes, I am aware of that method.  I even used it once
about a year ago.  However, I don't really trust it.  When I used the
method I got a lot of fluffy precipitate which wasn't expected (the paper
first describing the method doesn't mention it).  Although I don't have
proof, I suspect that the diethyl ether may be denaturing the protein. 
Maybe not all the protein, but it is plausible that some of the protein
could be denatured by this procedure.

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