Radius of Gyration

Martyn Winn m.d.winn at dl.ac.uk
Fri Mar 7 03:37:53 EST 1997

Brett Phinney wrote:
> Does anyone have a good reference on determining a proteins radius of
> gyration. I do not know much about this and I do not know what has to be
> known about the protein before this can be done, ie do you have to know
> the crystal structure of the protein first?
> Thanks a lot
> Brett Phinney
> Cell Research Institute
> University of Texas, Austin

Well, not something I knew about until we had a seminar on it
yesterday ;-)   The radius of gyration can be calculated from
the crystal structure or it can be estimated from small angle
solution scattering. BUT the two methods disagree by around 10%
(number from solution scattering is generally the larger). 
Also, the solution scattering value varies with pH, and type
and concentration of ions in buffer. So yes, you can estimate
it without knowing the structure, but don't treat your answer
with too much respect.....

Martyn Winn

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