RNA extraction

Urs Hanke urs at pbrc.hawaii.edu
Fri Mar 14 18:58:33 EST 1997

I placed a homogenized tissue directly into a beaker containing 100g
guanidine-thiocyanate, 117ml ddH20, 7ml (o.75M) Sodiumcitrate, 10%
Sarcosyl and some ul of 2-mercaptoethanol. Then I added: 2m NaAc, 10ml
phenol (water saturated), 2ml chloroform-isoamyl-alcohol (49:1). After
centrifugation RNA is present in aqueous phase whereas proteins
are in the interphace and DNA in the  phenol phase.
Now my question:
Why it is possible to seperate RNA and DNA and Why it is possible that DNA
is dissolved in a total not polar solvent like phenol?
I have no idea. Who can help me?   

Urs Hanke

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