Q. About Protein Expression !!!

Orhan Ertughrul owe1 at le.ac.uk
Mon Mar 17 04:13:36 EST 1997

In article <5g41ra$c94 at ustsu10.ust.hk>, boella at uxmail.ust.hk (Miss ELLA
CHAN) wrote:

>   Dear all,
>   Could somebody kindly tell me at which OD600 will be the optimum
>   condition for the induction of protein expression by using IPTG
>   in bacterial strain ?
>   I have been heard that we can start the induction at OD600=0.6, that 
>   is the pre-log phase of the growing bacteria or we can do it at 
>   OD600=1.5 which is the late log phase. Which condition should be the 
>   best?

I'm working with a pET 11d expression system in JM109 DE3, my protein is
not expressed in large quantities unless I induce at an OD600 of 1-1.5.

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