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> How advisable is it to download unknown "plug-ins"?

Plugins are not malicious with some exceptions.
1.  Macs are immune to any malicious plugins.  By immune I mean that the
computer may crash but no permenant damage can occur.
2.  PC's are generally immune to plugins (NOT INCLUDING ACTIVE_X) because
plugins do not allow access to the complete file sturucture.  Active-X is
another beast all together and you sould never use active-X controls
unless you know very well where it came from.  On a Windoze machine
running 95 or NT, Active -X can access all levels of the host file
structure and is capable of modifing any file.  It is also possible for
active -X to send files (ie your e-mail files) to another computer and you
will never know it happened.
3.  Java is not a problem either because it only has access to its
folder.  This is because Unix is the root for JAVA and those guys knew
networking while active-x was developed by microsoft without network wise

If you want to find out more about security consult your local hacker or
Peter Pediaditakis

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