Help me! AIR BUBBLES trapped in HPLC column...

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Thu Mar 20 10:16:56 EST 1997

In article <5g20eq$dlo at>, Harvard Morehead
<harvard at> wrote:

> > *Urgent!*
> > 
> > Some or probably quite many air bubbles seem to be trapped in my HPLC
> column: 18C reverse phase column, pore size 7um.
> > Could you give me any suggestions to remedy this problem as quickly as
> possible?
> > I am much disappointed not to be able to proceed my experiments any more.
> > :-(

		I usually find that methanol or acetonitrile will dislodge gas trapped in
the column, I think what you should be asking is where this gas has come
from - check that you do not have a leak on the inlet side of your column
and thus that you are not actually introduciong air onto the column as you
run it.

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