Peroxidase-based chemiluminescence - best choice?

Phillip Robinson phrobins at
Thu Mar 20 04:41:48 EST 1997

Dima Klenchin wrote:
> our lab is finally moving from I-125 to ECL-based Westerns.
> While I am sure every kit works, I am wondering what you guys
> would recommend to use most. Right now we can think of a reagents from
> Boehringer, Amersham, Pierce and NEN. Of course, other things
> being equal, the cheaper the better.
> Everyone who actually compared different "kits", please reply.
> TIA,
> Dima

We have used Amersham, NEN and Pierce kits (plus made our own).  Pierce
super-signal is, as they claim, considerably more sensitive than the
Amersham ECL or the older NEN.  NEN told me they can now match this with
their newer kits, but I have not tried them myself.  Pierce have a new
super signal Ultra (where do they come up with these names!!),
reportedly better again, we have ordered it, so watch this space for

Summary:  stick to pierce at present.  The signal lasts a lot longer (a
couple of hours).


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