Re. Sensitive Protein Stains

Dr E. Buxbaum EB15 at
Mon Mar 24 07:52:36 EST 1997

r.r.d.croy at (Dr Ron Croy) wrote:
>We need to use a sensitive protein stain to detect protein spots on 2D
>gels with the intention of sequencing these from PVDF blots (automated
>ABI 477A).  Coomassie blue stains are out because they tend to interfere
>with the sequencing and clog up the reaction vessel.  Silver staining
>methods are out due to the protein modification.  

You can stain the proteins on the blot with Ponceau S solution in acetic 
acid. The blotts are differentiated by rinsing them with water, further 
rinses remove the stain completely.

You can also try fluorescent staining in the gel, using Nile Red or the 
new Sypro stains from Molecular Probes (I haven't tried the latter 
because of their high price). 

A third method would be negative staining by metal-SDS precipitates. 
Incubate the gel with Zn/Imidazole or CuSO4 solutions. This will result 
in clear bands against a turbid background, best seen by holding the gel 
against a black surface. The metal ions can be removed completely by 
incubation in EDTA solution. There has been a publication recently in 
Anal. Biochem. on using Methyl trichloroacetate for the same purpose, I 
haven't tried this though. 

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