Need Generic Method for Ptn Kinase Purification

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Mon Mar 24 14:32:34 EST 1997

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>From: myersm at ROCKVAX.ROCKEFELLER.EDU (Michael Myers)
>Subject: Need Generic Method for Ptn Kinase Purification
>Date: 23 Mar 1997 20:02:42 -0800

>Let's say you wanted to purify as many different kinases as possible from a=
> tissue or cell line. Are there any affinity steps that would give a=
> reasonable degree of enrichment? For instance, could one use an ATP-coupled=
> resin? I am not interested in getting enzymatically active enzyme. Perhaps=
> there is a short list of successive affinity steps that would represent the=
> best compromises between selectivity, generality, and practicality.

Perhaps using a phoshocellulose column might help. See Protein 
Phosphorylation: A Practical Approach  in the IRL Press Series, Ed. Hardie for 
other ideas.


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