Help me! AIR BUBBLES trapped in HPLC column...

Rainer Hofmann rhofmann at
Tue Mar 25 06:11:12 EST 1997

newera at () wrote:
>Some or probably quite many air bubbles seem to be trapped in my HPLC column: 18C reverse phase column, pore size 7um.
>Could you give me any suggestions to remedy this problem as quickly as possible?
>I am much disappointed not to be able to proceed my experiments any more.

I guess the problem is poor degassing of solvents. At pressure levels
in a hplc column there aren't any free gas bubbles. But when pressure
drops at the column's outlet gas is set free again and bubbles disturb
You should use Helium to purge solvents and to keep them under a
Helium atmosphere. Online degassing systems are also available.

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