proteins in algae

ellen meijer Ellen.Meijer at ALGEMEEN.PK.WAU.NL
Tue Mar 25 09:40:04 EST 1997

Hallo everybody,

I try to isolate total (intracellular and membrane bound) proteins from 
Chlorella, an algae. By the method of Kjeldahl I get a recovery of 50% 
protein  from dryweight. The disadvantage of this method is that you need a 
lot of material and in the future we will have only a few ml. By boiling the 
cells in 0.1 N NaOH I cannot find back more than 5 %.
Does somebody know how to improve this? Or does somebody know another 
isolation method?

Ellen Meijer
Agricultural University of Wageningen,
the Netherlands
Department of Food Science
Food and Bioprocess Engineering Group

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