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Thu Mar 27 05:06:31 EST 1997

John Piper wrote:
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> and one promising digest is ProEn, described in the proenz.dat file as
> Proline Endopeptidase.  I have been trying, VERY unsuccessfully, to find a
> source of this enzyme.  I even contacted GCG's tech support line, and they
> do not have a current source listed for this enzyme.  From the information
> I have gathered, this is not an efficient (or popular) enzyme, which may
> explain its scarcity.  Most of the references I have found are either from
> the early 80's or late 70's.  If anyone knows of a source of Proline
> Endopeptidase, I would be eternally grateful if you would share that
> information with me.  Thanks in advance for your replies.
> John

Your difficulty may arise from the fact that this enzyme was not fully
characterised until the late 1980's. The 1996 edition of the Cold Spring
Harbor Sourcebook does not list a commercial supplier for it. However,
the procedures for its purification are published, so you may be able to
isolate it yourself. I don't know the exact reference, but look for
papers by Denise Rennex and/or Stuart R. Stone, that should get you

Good Luck,

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