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Karl Fischer wrote:
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> Bean) wrote:
> > I'm looking for references dealing with the CMC of SDS and the effects that
> > buffer salts might have on the CMC.  Can anyone give some ref's to start with?
> > Is there any general rules concerning the CMC of detergents and ionic
> strength
> > of a buffer? (e.g Does the CMC always decrease if you increase ionic
> strenth).
> Hi Scott,
> There is a table on page 689 of "Antibodies: a laboratory manual" which
> has properties of many commonly used detergents including SDS. The CMC
> that is listed for SDS is 0.24 grams/100ml and the micelle molecular
> weight is 18,000. Hope this gives you a starting point for your quest.
> Cheers
> Karl the hepB guy
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Hi there,
good starting points are the detergent manuals of either Boehringer 
Mannheim or Calbiochem. Another one is a review written by Ari 
Helenius and Kay Simons, Biochimica et Biophysica Acta.  415(1):29-79, 
1975 Mar 25.

For ionic detergents the cmc - to my knolwedge - always goes down when 
you increase the ionic strength, the cmc of non ionic detergents on 
the other hand are not that much affected by the salt concentration.

I hope this helps


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