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Mon Mar 31 16:29:08 EST 1997

Dr Ron Croy (r.r.d.croy at wrote:
: We need to use a sensitive protein stain to detect protein spots on 2D
: gels with the intention of sequencing these from PVDF blots (automated
: ABI 477A).  Coomassie blue stains are out because they tend to interfere
: with the sequencing and clog up the reaction vessel.  Silver staining
: methods are out due to the protein modification.  We have tried a small
: sample of a stain called BT blu (originally from BT Scientific
: Technologies, Carlsbad, Ca) with promising results but cannot contact
: this company for further supplies (it has been suggested we contact
: Zolon or Zolan Research for a stain called 'Fast Stain').  Any comments
: and further contacts would be appreciated.
: 							RRDC

	If you are interested in staining the gel itself, rather than the 
blot, you can elute protein and coomassie blue from the chunk of 
excised gel, dry the eluted protein and stain, then remove the stain.  
It's tedious, but possible.  

	The problem is that you are left with a thin film of protein dried 
on the 
walls of a small tube; it may not be suitable for your machine from a 
sample-handling point of view.  We used to use this for amino acid 
analysis (not sequence) using the Millipore/Waters picotag system. 

	BTW, I think the company you refered to is Zoion, not Zolon.
Good luck with it.

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