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John Michael Sauder sauder at
Wed May 7 09:49:46 EST 1997

In article <harry-ya023180000405970038310001 at> harry at (Harry Banaharis) writes:
>I am interested in the development of a web site devoted to providing
>information on protein folding prediction strategies, algorithms, software,
>recent developments, etc.   [snip]
>Please email me if you are interested in participating. Include your area
>of specialisation (if any), level of HTML/graphic design/JavaScript/Java
>expertise and how you would like to contribute.

        I'd be interested to a limited degree, as I currently have plenty
of other projects I'm working on.  Also, my area of expertise is more
along the lines of experimental folding, not computational, although I
have an interest in this area as well.

        You might check out our site:

        Take a look at "Other folding groups" for links to other
labs who are interested in the folding problem, from either an
experimental or computational point of view.  I'd like to continue
to expand this list as much as possible...

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