Structure of His-Tag complex

Randy Willis willis at
Thu May 8 09:14:09 EST 1997

Thorsten Schmidt wrote:
Thorsten wrote:
> I want to know the exact structure of this complex and the reason, why
> it is possible to elute the protein with Imidazole.


I don't know about any structures out there, except for some recent work
on the gly-gly-his motif by people working in my department (B.Sarkar,
G.Gasmi, A.Singer, J.Forman-Kay), but the reason that one elutes with
imidazole is a case of simple competition.  If you look up the structure
of imidazole and histidine, you will find that imidazole is the side
chain of the amino acid histidine.  Thus, the free imidazole simply
competes (a higher molar ratio) for the nickel ions against the

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