Buffer for lyophylization

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/> I am wondering if anyone knows which is the best buffer to lyophylize from? 
/> Excluding water, what buffer would leave beind the least amount of salt
/> upon lyophylization?
/> Any suggestions are extremely appreciated.
/> Mike

I have had success with ammonium acetate up to 50 mM, but any volitile
salts could be used like amonium bicarb.   The term lyophilize means that
you must freeze your sample and then sublime the salts off. Most peaple
allow the sample to thaw in the vacuum which greatly increases the time
needed to remove the volitile salts.  One can also use extraction by
Phenol ether to remove non volitile salts but traces will remain.  
Peter Pediaditakis  pxpst2 at vms.cis.pitt.edu

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