A question about tRNA

Klaassen klaassen at oix.com
Fri May 9 15:06:37 EST 1997

	I was hoping that someone could help me with a question I have :)

	I was looking in my Biology text book, and I'm a bit confused about tRNA. 
I realize that the anticodon attaches to the codon of the mRNA (through the
ribosome)... but I'm not able to understand is the codon of the tRNA.. is
it the same as the codon on the mRNA, which would be the compliment to the
anticodon on the tRNA. More than half of the pictures I have seen of the
codon have four nucleotides, and none of them match up with the anticodon. 
Infact, none of the tRNA codons that I have seen match up with the
anticodons of the same tRNA.

	Another question I have is also about the codon on the tRNA.  Wich way is
it read.  Different books are telling me different things.  Is it read from
the 3` end like DNA, or is it read backwards?  Depending on the way that it
is read changes the amino acids that they code for

	It's all just that little bit to far over my head... I would apreciate any
help I could get!!!!

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