casein as substrate

Per Mygind perm at
Sun May 11 09:44:25 EST 1997

Robert J Jensen wrote:
> You need to buy the "sodium salt" of casein. Heat to 37C and dissolve
> over 30-45 minutes while stiring. I had the same problem.
> rjj

The following reciepe can be used with succes to dissolve pure casien
powder; (5 liter is obtained, with a concentration of 1%) You might
therefore want to scale down the reciepe;

1.100 grams of Casein is added to 1 liter of 1M NaOH
2.Dissolving overnight at room temperature using stirring
3.Add 500 mmole of NaCl and 250 mmole of Tris-Base
4.Titrate the sollution with 300 mM HCl (approximately 3 liters !!)
5.To adjust the pH you might even have to add pure HCl (37%)
6.Remember to use magnetic stirring throughout the process

Have fun ;-)

Cand.scient Per Mygind, University of Aarhus, Denmark

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