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> You do not state which volume of sample you want to handle, but I suspect 
> it will be rather small. In such cases I had good success placing the sample 
> into the lids of Eppendorf vials. The conical part of the vials have to
be cut 
> of first. You then span the dialysis membrane over the rim of the vial lid 
> and close the ring which remained from the vial over it. This gives you a 
> dialysis chamber of approx. 300 ul for a 1.5 ml vial, and about 100 ul for 
> the 0.5 ml vial. 

Alternatively, you can use the vial itself instead of the lid, as the
solution container. To allow the exchange of solutants, you have to remove
first the center part of the lid. It requires a little bit more of blade
expertise, but then you can use larger volumes - theoretically up to
1.5mL, but as the volume increases, you loose dialysis efficiency.

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