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Greetings All,

     Mark Griep (mgriep at, and Athel Cornish-Bowden
replied on Amino Acid Naming nomenclature.  Further, Dr. Cornish-Bowden

>More generally, if you are interested in biochemical nomenclature you may
>like to know that the Executive Committee of IUBMB does not share your
>enthusiasm. See

I encourage each of us who might be interested to check this out.  It is
rather chilling.  But, I believe that it is both our prerogative and
imperative to take responsibility for accurate and appropriate biochemical
and molecular biological nomenclature.  Enough for my soap-box. ;)

To change the focus of this thread a bit, I would like to request comment
on my proposed nomenclature for modified amino acid derivatives.  I
first proposed such in 2 publications a couple of years ago.  The
references, nomenclature, and feedback form are now on the web.  I very
much desire your input!  This is an area in which we have no accepted
nomenclature, and it would be appropriate to fill the void.  Certainly, 
the databases/repositories of protein structural information would benefit from an established nomenclature for the modified amino acids.  The web
URLs are:

Standard 20 physiological amino acids (background):

Post- and Co-translationally modified amino acids:

Again, I appreciate and need your comments.  Thanks!

Best regards,

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