DNA-protein crosslink detection

Oliver Merk Oliver.Merk at medizin.uni-ulm.de
Wed May 21 09:29:36 EST 1997

I'am trying to detect DNA-protein crosslinks (DPX) after in-vivo treatment 
with formaldehyde, but I still have problems with the assay from Costa and 
Zhitkovich using SDS-Precipitation and DNa detection with Hoechst 33258. I get 
a stable DNA-standard curve, but I'm having problems with the cell samples 
(more or less crosslinking in the control, no DNA in the supernatant, ... ???)

So now I'm looking for somebody, who has established this test in his 
laboratory. The best thing would be to find somebody in Germany I probalbly 
could visit and learn the method. But any help would be OK.

Try to contact me via e-mail, because I'am not looking very often in the 


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