Large scale wet electroblotting

Dr E. Buxbaum EB15 at
Thu May 22 11:38:24 EST 1997

p-jenner at (Peter Jenner) wrote:
>Does anyone know of a manufacturer of a large scale tank electroblotting >apparatus suitable for electrophoresis gels 20 x 22 cm.

If you can't find a commercial supplier, building such a tank is straight 
forward. Remember that you are working with low voltages (30-40 V) only, 
so there is no great safety problem. I am using a homebuild system for 
minigel blotting all the time. Its simpy a box made with 6 plates of 
4 mm perspex, 2 Pt wires, 2 banana plugs and some small perspex pieces to 
hold the sandwich. I assume though that for 20x20 you may need thicker 

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