CFTR protein transporter

Doug Kuntz dkuntz at
Fri May 23 15:43:02 EST 1997

There is a model for one of the nucleotide binding domains of CFTR in the 
PDB. Retrieve 1NBD.  As for the rest of the molecule, we hope you wont 
have to wait 50 years.


Doug Kuntz 
Ontario Cancer Institute/Princess Margaret Hospital

On 22 May 1997, Dr E. Buxbaum wrote:

> fernandes at (Ricardo Fernandes) wrote:
> >
> >Can anyone tell me where to find a 3D model (image) of the CFTR
> >protein (Cystic Fibrosis Transmembrane Regulator) or of any ABC
> >transporter with a similar structure?
> First build a time maschine and use it to travel some 50 years into the 
> future. Then get access to the Brookhaven database of protein structures. 
> I am confident it will be there.
> To the best of my knowledge and belief no ABC (nor P-type for 
> that matter) transporter has been crystallised yet, at least not in 3D 
> crystalls suitable for high resolution work. 

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