tyrosine repeat

Marcus, Dr J. J.Marcus at botany.uq.edu.au
Wed May 28 17:47:01 EST 1997

Hi Sebastian,
     I don't know of specific proteins that meet your 
criteria but I just raise the possibility that the 
tyrosines might be contained in an alpha helical region of 
your protein.  If that were the case then, it is then 
possible (somewhat likely) that the tyr side chains would 
be found on one face of the helix.  In a helix-turn-helix 
situation, the helix interactions with each other could 
then be stabilized by a tyrosine from one helix interacting 
with a tyr (or phe) on the other helical segment.  Just a 
wild idea.  Hope it helps.


> In a protein that interests me (the yeast Sec22p) there is a strange
> repeat of tyrosines spaced _eight_ residues apart (repeated nine times
> or so). This seems to occur in several other proteins but I cannot find
> a common theme to them. This repeat is not listed in the Prosite
> database, and I am wondering how I can find out if anyone has looked at
> this before (I had no lucjk searching medline), or who I can talk to
> about this.
> Any ideas anyone?
> Thanks,
> Sebastian.

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