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>I want to take a metabolically labeled band from a gel by either slicing
>the band out of the gel or by transfering it to a membrane and then do
>limited proteolysis (V8, chymotrypsin, etc.) on the gel slice or
>membrane.  Can anyone give me a protocol to do this?  
Take a look at Cleveland DW et al. (1977) JBC 252, 1102-1108.

>If I cut from a
>gel, can I dry the gel first (I need to find my band by
>autoradiograph)?  Which enzymes are best/cheapest?  Thanks.
I have experience doing exactly this. You will find the details in 
Marder JB et al. (1986) Methods in Enzymology Vol 118, 384-396.

BTW cheap dirty enzymes work great. If you use them at limiting concentration, 
they will often pick up just 1 or 2 particularly suscptible sites in the 
substrate protein. I had success with Sigma Bromelain - 40% protein, 60% crud.

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