Proteins in Alzheimer's

Marc Saric Marc.Saric at
Sun Nov 2 08:48:17 EST 1997

NewNovels at wrote:
>   A few years ago in my graduate class in Advances in Neurobiology and
> Behavior, One of my classmates reported a paper in Alzheimer's disease. I
> could not recall the exact  problem in that paper but i remembered i made a
> conclusion which is this:
> "A change in the secondary/tertiary structure of a protein would
> attract/require a different reactant/enzyme(s) thus producing
>  (directly/indirectly) the  so called plaques".
> I never followed this up but sometimes i am just bothered about this, and i
> want it cleared. Was the mutation in the genetic or the protein level?
I think this is still unclear. For BSE and CJD the "prion-hypothesis"
suggests a change on the protein-level. Despite the fact that Stanley
Prusiner got the Nobel-prize for this hypothesis, it hasn´t been proved
to full extent until now.



Marc Saric


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