Lyophilised sera

Sonja Bauk sonja at
Thu Nov 6 22:36:20 EST 1997


I am trying to find some information on the reconstitution of
lyophilised sera. The sera been stored at -20 C for 16 years, and has
become lyophilised _unintentionally_ due to air leakage from the tubes.

The aim is to measure the original concentration of a small protease
(33kDa) (or basically get the best approximation) amongst different
groups of people. The idea is to resuspend the residue with a known
amount of deionised water, measure the concentrations of the protease
and a "reference protein" (which has a relatively small range of normal
values in the population) and determine the correct dilution factor and
(hence the approximate original concentration of the protease).

I have not been able to find references to any similar procedures, and
would greatly appreciate a push in the right direction, in the form of
comments, suggestions or references.


ps. lyophilise, lyophilize. It's all a matter of taste ;)

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