How toxic acetonitrile is?

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>  I'd like to use acetonitrile in RPC process to purify protein.
> If I use about 10liters acetonitrile in a week, do I need special facility
> to ventilite?

Not really, ACN is not terrible flammible and in HPLC methods it is
ussually diluted at least two fold with water.
> In case of in laminar flow condition like clean booth, do I wearing a
> special raspiratory equipment?

NO.  You do not need resparitory equipment.  ACN is really not toxic as
long as you DO NOT DRINK IT.  It has a relatively high VP so it does not
go into the gas phase easily.  
> and how about waste treatment..

Dispose of with other Organic Waste.  Consult your local
eviornmental/chemistry guys for the specifics.  Each institution has there
own way of adhereing to OHSA rules
> I need infomation

Any specific questions feel free to email me.

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