Big problems with cell-transfection

Thorsten Schmidt Thorsten.Schmidt at
Mon Nov 17 16:52:16 EST 1997

Dear reader!

I have big problems with cell-transfection of mammalian cells.

I want to transfect mammalian cells in cell culture with 
1) expression vectors
2) antisense oligos
using liposomes.

I tried two different liposomes:
DOTAP (boehringer) and DAC-30 (Eurogentec).

But my transfection efficiency is extremly low.
I tested it with transfection of a beta-Gal vector and
X-Gal histochemistry and found only 1-5 % stained cells!

The problem is that I have to use
1) human
2) neuronal / brain
And so, I tried TC 32 and U87 cells.

Perhaps you can tell me a special cell line which can better be transfected
and tell me where I can get it?

It would be too kind if you´d send me an answer.

Thank you so much in advance for yous assistance.


I have problems finding appropriate cells for transfection,

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