Refolding assay

Daniel Gonzalez meton at
Sun Nov 23 16:52:47 EST 1997

soumkr at (Souren Mkrtchian) writes:

>Does anyone know any in vitro protein refolding assays? The goal is to
>assess impact of possible cochaperones on the protein folding
>capabilities of BiP (HSP70 of endoplasmic reticulum).

>Souren Mkrtchian

I have just read the following article, "Chaperonin-mediated Folding of Green Fluorescent Protein" by Y. Makino et al.  in the JBC vol. 272. No. 19 pp 12468-12474.  The approach was to denature GFP and monitor its refolding in the presence of GroEL.  This method might allow you to develop an assay for your experiments.

Daniel Gonzalez

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