isozyme definition

Dr E. Buxbaum EB15 at
Wed Sep 3 04:09:42 EST 1997

rdisilvexx at (Robert DiSilvestro) wrote:
>I am reviewing a paper where the term "isozymes" is being used in a way I 
>do not typically use it.  I'm not sure if my limited use is correct.  I tend 
>to use the term for enzymes with similar catalytic activity, but fairly subtle 
>structural differences.  Would one apply the term to 3 enzymes which 
>have totally different structures, but the same catalytic action?  

I would tend to use it for enzymes of the same function which occur in 
the same organism, but possibly in different organs and/or different 
developmental stages. 

Limiting the use to "subtle structural differences" would require 
definition of "subtle". Any such definition would be arbitrary.

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