Membrane Proteins: Database, Topology, Prediction methods

Christian.Lacombe at Christian.Lacombe at
Fri Sep 19 05:35:08 EST 1997

I am looking for a recent "Membrane Proteins Database" similar to the
TMbase built by Kay Hofman at Lausanne (Switzerland). As, in this database
entries are from the SwissProt25 (1994?), I easily imagine that the
membrane spanning domains (when predicted) are not predicted with
up-to-date prediction methods. I need also topology information.
It seems that surface amphipatic small helices (the so-called "fusion
helices"?) are not included in TMbase: how such  membrane segments are
detected since algorithms predicted only transmembrane segments? And
finally, how distinguish membrane sheets and membrane helices with
prediction method?
Many thanks for your help

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