Peptide fixation

Betsy Lytle lytle at CHE.ROCHESTER.EDU
Thu Sep 25 15:57:06 EST 1997

Hi all,

  I am analyzing a 3.5 kD protein (pI=9.3) by SDS-PAGE and am having problems
visualizing it.  This could be due either to poor staining or to diffusion
of the protein out of the gel.  Staining by Coomassie blue and silver stain
are both poor, which makes me think diffusion is the problem.  I have tried 
fixing the gel with 12% TCA/3.5% sulfosalicylic acid without success.  I may
try using glutaraldehyde next, but would like any advice from others who
have had this problem.


Betsy Lytle   

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