silver staining question

Donny Wong wong5 at
Sat Sep 27 10:17:44 EST 1997

Hi everyone,

Does anyone know the true detection limits of silver staining?  The
red-book describes 3 methods of silver staining:  a long ammoniacal
protocol, a shorter non-ammoniacal method, and a rapid 1 hour method.  The
book claims that the first method can detect 2-5 ng of protein, though i
am a little skeptical.  I have only tried the rapid method, and am lucky
to be able to detect 40-50 ng of protein after over-developing.  So if
anyone has tried either of the lengthier methods, I would appreciate your
comments on how much you can detect.  However, I understand that this
method is somewhat protein-dependent, and certain proteins just never
stain well.


donny wong
wong5 at

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