FPLC - Superdex 200HR vs. Superose 12HR columns

noone noone at cancer.bham.ac.uk
Fri Dec 4 03:31:20 EST 1998

> >Can anyone comment on relative advantages (for protein size estimation and
> >purification) of Pharmacia's new(ish) Superdex-200HR 10/30 column, as
> >compared to their long-standing Superose-12HR 10/30 column? They both have
> >similar nominal separation ranges (which are suitable to our needs) and
> >both appear to have comparable theoretical plates & and flowrates despite
> >having different matrix compositions. Feedback gratefully received.
> >
> They are indeed very similar. In my experience limited to only several
> runs on both, Superdex has a bit wider separation range and yields of
> activities were higher. 
>         - Dima

I also believe that the Superdex 200 has a wider separation range. I used
it successfully for a few high molecular weight proteins of approx. 300
kDa. IMHO Superose 12 is still the best choice though when it comes to
proteins up to, say, 50-80 kDa.


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