Cleavage of glycosidic moiety

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"Lars Komorowski" <larskomo at> wrote:

>Who can tell my an efficient and inexpensive way to quantitatively remove
>the glycosidic moiety of a glycosidated protein to determine the mass of the
>unglycosilated protein ?

Dear Lars,

although I've no experience in such things, here's a message which was
posted in this group a while ago. Hope it helps,
Harold V. Taylor

Trifluoromethanesulfonic acid TMFSA (also called triflic acid. There
is a paper by J. Horvath 1989 J. Neurosci. Res. which gives a simple
method to follow. There are a few different methods to follow, the
main difference between them is the completeness of removal of CHO,
some will not remove the last GlcNAc/GalNAc residues. But for antibody
production this is not usually crucial, this process gives undenatured
proteins which you can use for Ab production.

If you've got any more questions try the bionet.glycosci newsgroup or
drop me an e-mail.

Ian McFarlane

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> Does anyone know of a non-enzymatic way to deglycosylate a protein without
> rendering it denatured?
> Please mail me if You do.
> Anders Steenfeldt
> Email torin at

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