DNA binding protein purification

Achim Recktenwald achimr at home.com
Mon Dec 14 21:54:07 EST 1998

I have worked in the past with DNA-binding enzymes. Most of them have rather
high pI-values and can usually be purified by cation-exchange


Joel Baguet wrote in message <36753EBB.1516 at ens-lyon.fr>...
>I need to purify some proteins which bind to DNA. I use DNA binding
>protein purification kit from Boerhinger with long concatamers of
>oligonucleotide (obtainrd using self-primed PCR technique) ligated
>streptavidin magnetic particles. The protein-binding conditions are
>those for gel retardation assay.
>The results are very poor (about 1% with 35S in vitro synthetized
>Does anybody have some experience about that??

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