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> > Hello All,
> >         Here is a slightly stupid question. Our lab has recently gotten
> > into doing a lot of protein alignments. Is there a public domain program
> > out there for taking two (or more) proteins either 
> > and comparing them to give a % amino acid similarity, identity, and/or
> > homology? We have been doing alignments with clustalW if this is useful
> > info. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
> > 
> > Bob Means
> Hello Bob,
> AnTheProt will do the job ("Analyze The Proteins"). It is a public
> domain program running under Windows95. Sorry for not having the www-
> adress available! If you don´t find it using searching engines, please
> contact me and I will look for the adress.
> Matthias
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I have the address now for those who are interested:


Thomas Seib
Kantstr. 12
66292 Riegelsberg

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