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Mon Jul 6 07:10:47 EST 1998

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> Hi all,
>                 I was wondering if anyone out there knows what
anti-histag type antibodies
> are available and which give the best results. I have the M2 anti-flag
> antibody from Kodak/IBI and the anti-Xpress antibody from Invitrogen.
>         I seem to remember a while back that someone out there knew of
the existence
> of an HRP-NTA conjugated antibody that bound directly to the histag and can be
> detected with an HRP substrate. Was I imagining that?? If anyone can confirm
> this and knows where I can get hold of such an antibody, could they let me
> know? It would be much appreciated. Thanks.
>                         Simon.

Qiagen produces a Ni+-NTA coupled directly to HRP or AP. I tried the
AP-conjugate and it worked fine. The 4HIS and 5HIS ab´s are also good
(immunprecip!) but for standard westerns the conjugate gives faster
results and great signal to noise ratio.


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