30% sequence identity

Christopher Hatton hatton at caelum.ebi.ac.uk
Tue Jul 7 09:23:20 EST 1998

In response to the earlier question about the source of the information that
proteins with more than 30% sequence identity have broadly similar structures,
the paper

C. A. Orengo, A. D. Michie, S. Jones, D. T. Jones, M. B. Swindells &
J. M. Thornton, 1997, Structure vol. 5, 1093.


"At 30% sequence identity, proteins will almost certainly have the same overall

It also refers to three other papers on the matter:

C. Chothia & A. M. Lesk, 1986, EMBO J. vol. 5, 823.

T. P. Flores, C. A. Orengo & J. M. Thornton, 1993, Protein Sci. vol 7, 31.

C. Sander & R. Schneider, 1991, Proteins vol. 9, 56.

Dan Hatton

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