Why not invest in nutrition food bars?

Richard Hughes Perfectlite at geocities.com
Wed Jul 8 22:34:12 EST 1998

Why not invest in nutrition food bars?

“The fastest growing segment, of the natural food industry is nutrition food
bars which is
now a staple food in mainstream diets.”
                            Spence Information Services of San Fransico

Sales of Clif and Balance nutrition bars have doubled during each of the
last three years.
This presents a wonderful investment opportunity and we have developed the
perfect fat burning formula for a nutrition bar that will follow the success
of Clif and Balance nutrition bars.   The Balance bars currently gross 7
million dollars a month.  Three years ago they grossed less then 1 million
dollars a year.  Our nutrition food bar is
ready to roll out into the marketplace, so doesn’t miss this spectacular
investment opportunity.

Serious Inquiries Only.

Please Call: Professor Richard Hughes
(949)883-3007 or E-mail Perfectlite at geocities.com

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