Nomenclature of numbering of amino acids

David Green dfgreen at
Thu Jul 9 08:24:31 EST 1998

Are Kristiansen wrote:

> The journal has superscripted all numbers of amino acids. Instead of for
> example Trp28, it reads Trp<superscript:28>, i.e. the amino acid (Trp)
> is normal font, but the number (28) is superscript.
> I suppose this is a misunderstanding in the typesetting, or is it common
> to "superscript" numbers of amino acids?

Superscripting the residue number is an accepted representation.  Several
journals use this method (Science is one), while others (such at JMB) use
the alternative, non-superscripted representation.  If the instructions say
to superscript, I would do so.

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