Nomenclature of numbering of amino acids

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Thu Jul 9 16:21:25 EST 1998

I believe this is a typesetting mistake.  I happen to have recently
become an Editor for BBA Protein Structure and Enzymology and I have
never seen the formatting style you describe.  

The BBA Instructions to Authors appear not to specify a nomenclature or
formatting for this.  A quick perusal of two recent issues suggests
there is, in fact, some variation from paper to paper.  One paper used
"Trp 28" (with a space) and another "Trp28".  The common style for
designating mutants seems to be "W28A" as used by most journals.

You can contact the editorial office through bba at

John Philo, Alliance Protein Laboratories
Are Kristiansen wrote:
> Hallo,
> I have received the proof of an article to be published in BBA. As I do
> not have immediate access to recent editions of the journal and I am
> already late in returning the proof, I direct the question to this
> newsgroup:
> The journal has superscripted all numbers of amino acids. Instead of for
> example Trp28, it reads Trp<superscript:28>, i.e. the amino acid (Trp)
> is normal font, but the number (28) is superscript.
> I suppose this is a misunderstanding in the typesetting, or is it common
> to "superscript" numbers of amino acids?
> Are Kristiansen
> R&D Scientist
> Pronova Biomedical
> Gaustadalleen 21
> N-0371 Oslo, Norway

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