How much Protein needed for sequencing?

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Wed Jul 15 19:24:37 EST 1998

Dear Cristoph,

Silver stained, in SDS-PAGE, with a good mass spec lab can do it with low 
picomoles.  It's very protein dependant.  Some groups have even claimed 
to be able ot do femtomoles.  If you want to be sure to get a sequence, 
make sure that you stay in the picomole range.

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Christoph Peter (deleteme_cpeter at wrote:
: Hi dear scientific community!

: What is the minimum amount of protein, in micrograms (50kDa) or
: picomoles, on a SDS-PAGE (or western-blotted) which could still be
: reliably sequenced by a state-of-the-art-method? 

: Many thanks in advance............................Christoph
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