Where to get sequenes

Joe Nan jnan at indiana.edu
Thu Jul 16 17:40:45 EST 1998

Thanks for pointing to the good source. I have got the sequences I
needed and learned a good way of searching too. With best regards. 

> I think the SWISS-PROT entries UCRX_BOVIN (P00130) 
> and UCRY_BOVIN (P07552) are the sequences you are looking for.
> You can use the Sequence Retrieval System SRS
> (http://www.expasy.ch/srs5/)
> to search SWISS-PROT, TrEMBL and TrEMBL_NEW with keywords like 
> Organism: bovin 
> all text: bc1
> I hope this helps.
> Best regards
> Elisabeth Gasteiger, SWISS-PROT group Geneva

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