protein analysis software for win95

Fri Jul 24 07:18:33 EST 1998

In <35b75c58.8857511 at>, dalmiabk at (bipin k. dalmia) writes:
>i use McVector on an old macintosh for some protein analyses such as:
>calculation of MW, pI, AA composition, hydrophibicity index,
>antigenicity index, protein subsequences (e.g. glycosylation sites),
>proteolytic sites etc.
>is there ANY pc software that does the same things and runs on win95?
>vectorNTI version 5.0 claims to do this, but all they provide are
>links to internet sites. i cannot send out sequences over an unsecured
>thanx, bip
>Bipin K. Dalmia, Ph.D.
>Research Manager
>Protein Core Facility
>Pioneer Hi-Bred International, Inc.
>Johnston, Iowa 50131
>mailto:dalmiabk at

I have written a program called Protein Sequence analysis that will do
some of the calculations you want. It will run under win 3.1, win 95, NT.
The program   " " can be found at the following site, 
 in the molbio/ibmpc directory.

The program will calculate AA composition, MW for numerous Isotope substitutions,
Isoelectric point, hydrophobicity, UV spectrum, Secondary structure prediction using
Garnier's method, CD spectrum prediction, And a ( slow ) global alignment with a second sequence.

It will not find Glycosylation sites at this time. I have just recently added 
the ability to find proteolytic site to the program, but have not yet uploaded that version of the
program to the Indinan site. If you wish to look at my latest version, Send me email at

pelip at

and I will FTP it to you.

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