protein analysis software for win95

JJ Miranda atlantis at
Fri Jul 24 17:50:05 EST 1998

PAWS is the protein analysis work sheet program that has several 
features.  It's fairly popular and I've used it to do multiple 
functions.  I think the web site is, but my memory 
might be wrong and you might have to do a search for it.

Sincere regards,
JJ Miranda

PELBIOP@ wrote:
: In <35b75c58.8857511 at>, dalmiabk at (bipin k. dalmia) writes:
: >hello:
: >
: >i use McVector on an old macintosh for some protein analyses such as:
: >calculation of MW, pI, AA composition, hydrophibicity index,
: >antigenicity index, protein subsequences (e.g. glycosylation sites),
: >proteolytic sites etc.
: >
: >is there ANY pc software that does the same things and runs on win95?
: >
: >vectorNTI version 5.0 claims to do this, but all they provide are
: >links to internet sites. i cannot send out sequences over an unsecured
: >connection.
: >
: >thanx, bip
: >
: >
: >Bipin K. Dalmia, Ph.D.
: >Research Manager
: >Protein Core Facility
: >Pioneer Hi-Bred International, Inc.
: >Johnston, Iowa 50131
: >
: >mailto:dalmiabk at

: I have written a program called Protein Sequence analysis that will do
: some of the calculations you want. It will run under win 3.1, win 95, NT.
: The program   " " can be found at the following site,
:  in the molbio/ibmpc directory.

: The program will calculate AA composition, MW for numerous Isotope substitutions,
: Isoelectric point, hydrophobicity, UV spectrum, Secondary structure prediction using
: Garnier's method, CD spectrum prediction, And a ( slow ) global alignment with a second sequence.

: It will not find Glycosylation sites at this time. I have just recently added 
: the ability to find proteolytic site to the program, but have not yet uploaded that version of the
: program to the Indinan site. If you wish to look at my latest version, Send me email at

: pelip at

: and I will FTP it to you.

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